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    Shibboleth Deployment

    Shibboleth’s narrow distinction between configuration and code makes it difficult for the novice to understand how best to meet needs or for the inheritor of an older implementation to puzzle through it. Each of our team members has experience operating Shibboleth in production for large organizations.

    The scope of an engagement will differ based on a client’s objectives and desire to serve as identity provider or service provider. We meet individual and subjective needs while injecting best practices whenever possible. Service is provided on a project completion, hourly, or contractual support basis.

    We also provide training modules or customized instruction to individuals or organizations interested in learning about the technical or policy aspects of Shibboleth.

    simpleSAMLphp Deployment

    The name simpleSAMLphp underwhelms a software package that supports a tremendous variety of login protocols and dedicated integrations with some of the most prominent providers. The straightforward API makes basic integration with virtually any PHP conceptually obvious.

    Signet’s value addition is creation of an elegant integration that appropriately presents identity provider selection, conceals password dialogues, and best suits the user experience while integrating with the application session.

    simpleSAMLphp also functions fairly naturally as a proxy or protocol translation engine. Identity data from a source is processed and rendered in a form desired by a consumer.

    SAML Deployment Guidance

    SAML exposes data about you and your colleagues to the world. Getting the representation of your users unified, accurate, and secured is essential. Building an SSO environment requires striking several balances in resource requirements, technical elegance and expediency and organizational policy.

    Most environments will encounter interoperability issues between software packages that “support SAML”. There is strong divergence between the way SAML was specified and the way it has evolved in deployment.

    By dint of expertise and SAML knowledge that spans products, we can assist you by directly identifying root issues, by advocating on behalf of the right fix, or by helping you avoid pitfalls during initial implementation. A few hours or days with us can save months of internal resources and result in a superior, maintainable solution.