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    Signet is a digital identity management and access control advisory firm that spans software boundaries.  We partner with organizations to architect and deploy identity solutions that deliver data to applications with security, privacy, and coherence.

    Meet some of the talent you will have access to:

    Nate Klingenstein

    Nate Klingenstein's Head
    Nate Klingenstein’s 19 years of identity management expertise taught the enduring maxim that every identity problem is unique and deserving of a unique solution.  He specializes in Shibboleth, enterprise identity integration, translation between functional goals and technical implementation, MFA, SAML, multilateral trust, LDAP, and transition to identity-as-a-service(IdaaS). He is particularly interested in semantic identity and automated integration systems built on it.

    He has worked the gamut: from co-chair of the SAML committee to Shibboleth core team emeritus; to working alongside executives; to protecting 550,000 sensitive identities for a large organization; and to being the person receiving the midnight “it’s broken” calls for a smaller one.  Spare time is mostly wasted with Wikipedia, though he can be seen with family, on hikes, and watching League of Legends games.


    Wendy Edwards

    Wendy Edwards' Head
    Wendy Edwards’ nexus practicing both identity management and web development makes her a unique resource available to Signet clients. She has operational support maintaining Java, Python, and AngularJS applications. She has been responsible for the selection and deployment of MFA products and integration in diverse verticals. She also has maintained Okta environments and contributed code for major SSO protocols to open-source identity projects.

    Wendy participated in the 2017 SANS Women’s Academy and earned the GIAC GSEC, GCIH, and GCIA certifications. Based on her scores, she wasinvited to participate in the GIAC Advisory Board. She is actively supportive of the development of gender diversity in technology. She loves her flat-coated retriever and enjoys participating as a NASA Datanaut.


    Paul B. Henson

    Paul Henson and a Snake
    After a short stint in aerospace, Paul found his calling in higher education and has spent the last 20+ years at Cal Poly Pomona, becoming a jack of all trades and master of many. In addition to roles varying from network administrator, system administrator, security analyst, to software developer and SQL wrangler, Paul also architected and implemented the custom engineered identity management platform that has managed the automatic provisioning, de-provisioning, and authorization control of faculty, staff, student, and affiliate accounts at Cal Poly since before the term Identity and Access Management was even coined.

    With a BS and MS in computer science along with decades of practical experience, Paul has both the theoretical background and hands-on knowledge to successfully steer almost any technology project to a successful completion.

    Marcus Mizushima

    Marcus Mizushima
    Marcus Mizushima started his distinguished career principally through SQL. He readily translated the data modeling principles and systems integration experience to identity management beginning in 2008. Along with SAML and Shibboleth expertise, his background makes him naturally proficient at provisioning, developing data ontology and mappings, finding duplicate records, and handling merges. He has worked with very large data sets in production and has designed many identity registries.

    Though his family hoped he would follow a tradition of dentistry, Marcus is a born engineer. He fills his leisure time with tinkering and charitable pursuits and is particularly talented at tricking out his electric and mechanical bicycles. Apply his zeal for discovering and elegantly fixing problems with creative solutions in your environment.

    James O’Dell

    Jim O'Dell
    Jim’s natural aptitude for logical thinking and reason first emerged in mastery of mathematics and science at school. After graduating, he took a clearance-carrying position with the U.S. Navy in 1980, giving him very early exposure to electronics and production digital systems in critical situations. Rather than devote the rest of his life to military service, Jim pursued an education and ultimately achieved a master’s degree in software engineering, all the while working full-time and raising his family.

    Open source software is Jim’s fascination. While his work with Signet focuses on identity management, he has experience simultaneously administering other key enterprise systems, invaluable perspective when integrating identity systems and services. Jim has deep expertise in Java, C/C++, Perl, and PHP, over 30 years of Linux/UNIX administration, and he’s very comfortable in LAMP environments. He has been an official contributor to the Apache VCL project for about 10 years and was there for NSFnet.

    If you can detach him from a keyboard, Jim also greatly enjoys fishing and gardening.

    Steven Teixeira

    Steven Teixeira
    Tech Evangelist. Systems Sorcerer. Digital Locksmith. Reluctant Developer. IT Janitor. With over 10 years of experience practicing information technology in both the public and private sectors, mostly in small shops, Steven had to learn and master a wide swath of IT skills.

    With a systems and network background, he has found special interest in the areas of identity and access management, databases, scripting, and DevOps. The ability to approach a problem from so many distinct perspectives and disciplines, coupled with just the right amount of productive laziness, helped to transform the management, deployment, and maintainability of the Shibboleth Identity Provider environments that he has inherited and now administers. He has a passion for solving problems and utilizing the right tool for the job, even if that means finding or building a new tool.

    When not sharing his passion for technology and problem solving with others, Steven spends his time with his family, gaming, and/or enjoying a new craft beer he’s never tried before.

    Our Story

    The founders and contributors to Signet come from academia, though we serve a larger clientele. We’ve been a part of the full identity chronicle, from local accounts to centralized databases to WebISO to federated identity. Most of SAML originated in Shibboleth, a project we’ve been a part of since before the first line of code, and much credit for the the entire concept of token based sign-on is due to MIT Kerberos.

    At Signet, we believe that integration is the key to getting the most out of your identity management system. Identity management systems are evolving into more complete, canned solutions, with the associated good and bad. Getting the most out of your identity system and tethering applications to it will always be a local problem, and integration is Signet’s specialty.

    While SAML succeeded beyond our wildest dreams, we feel that much more elegant access control is possible. Another step in progress of identity management, semantic identity, has not yet been deeply contemplated. Specific solutions for things or people are being developed, but Signet is eager to architect, standardize, and deploy a general solution.

    We hope you will choose Signet as your partner for extraordinary service today and everything we can create tomorrow.